Thursday, September 9, 2010

Out of place

They came unannounced like creditors
Trampling upon my intricate kolam
On the verandah
Did not think of removing their shoes
Went around the house unasked
Even peered into the toilet
Like some serious prospective buyer
Exchanged looks and smiles among themselves
Someone picked up my Hard Times textbook
Observed there was no scope
For English literature these days
Refused to sit down
Kept their heads high
Ran their eyes through
The photos on the walls
The decorative hangings
Said "We're in a hurry!"
For the umpteenth time
Uncomfortably stood
In the little hall
Making me feel small and somehow guilty
Piercing me with their eyes
Then shot off the question
I knew they had been wanting to ask for a while
"How can you live in this single bedroom apartment?",
"Hardly any living space!"
"We had to park our car in the next street."
Then looking at their watches again
Took a snap decision
"Tell dad and mom, lawyer thatha's son came with family
Couldn't wait as he had some urgent work,
That we'll come again, some other time!"
They never visited us again.

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