Friday, December 10, 2010

Rain kills 17 in city

When you have to step out
Of the house
Trousers rolled up
It means
The rain has been heavy,
On the high road
Your street joins
The honking is hysterical
As traffic piles up,
The military hotel
At the intersection
Is as usual for this season flooded
Chairs wait upturned on tables
Which wonder why this guest
Can't be kept out,
Our weekend indulgence
The egg paratha
Will have to wait
Till the sun is out,
I turn left
Wading through water
Darkening with sewage ---
We have run out of vegetables,
As I enter the self-service shop
Bracing for the monsoon prices
I hope the skies will hold
Till I go home safe
Without stepping on a live wire
And raising the death toll.

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