Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ears which hear not

My neighbour kept on bemoaning
The cost of the hearing aids
Voicing the suspicion
That the audiologist
Had made him believe
That one would do
And then made him pay for two
The simple logic was
"How would you feel
If you had sight only in one eye"
When he was asked to try the model
I walked him through the noisiest road
Asking him again and again
If he was hearing everything
And the volume was right
He still did not seem convinced
That one would not have been enough
Though I pointed out how fortunate he was
He could afford the trendiest
That he could easily tuck away from view
And be able to talk to his daughter
Living on the other side of the globe
Without shouting for all the world to hear ---
How nice would it be
If I did not have to hear
The verbal darts I seemed to draw
The talk of the evil
That others were always up to
And had ears for nothing
But the shepherd's song
That took the cattle along.

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