Thursday, July 19, 2012

The rat race

Death came early
Like a wintry night
Out to put out all light;
Friends could not tell
Friends from fiends
Who wore their shoes everywhere
Not caring what they trampled upon;
The toys were plucked away
From three-year-olds
Who were pushed into the rat race;
The funeral pyres
Of normal desires
Never stopped burning
There were so many corpses falling
That mass graves became handy
It didn't matter to anyone
If you ate or slept
Or laughed or cried
It didn't matter
If you lived or just died;
There was talk for a while
Of a safety net
Before the proposal
Was dropped as not cost-effective;
The law of the jungle
Was embraced like the truth
By those who preyed
On those who merely prayed

Monday, July 9, 2012


I've wept the tears
Of a lifetime
On a single night
The strangers
With their condolence faces
And cliches of comfort
Have all disappeared
Leaving behind a house
That has turned
A stranger without her
I switch off
Even the zero light
To hide my eyes
A hush as when the clouds gather
Seems to hang in the air
Beside me a howling vastness
Darkness giving way to darkness ---
I dread the break of day

Monday, July 2, 2012

Child's play

It is enough,
A flight of stairs
To run up and down,
A wall to bounce
A ball off,
And a neighbour
Who, even when he has
No child of his own,
Knows children have to play.