Friday, June 18, 2010


When you hang out the clothes to dry
On the roof, you keep looking at the sky
Wondering if it will rain
And make you come running again
Like yesterday, when it came sneaking in
And caught you sleeping
At first you thought it was children playing
The familiar thud of footsteps in the evening
But when the neighbor kept his finger on the buzzer
And kept shouting 'rain, rain' to shake you from your slumber
You rushed up the stairs, cursing the weather
However, last summer's memories stirring
You told yourself, stop whining
Better this, than rationing
When water will have to be bought
And a nightmare is an empty pot


Balachandran V said...

I don't want to tire you by posting a comment for every poem, but let me tell you - I am riding pillion with you! :D

Prabhakar said...

Yes sir, As you have said elsewhere, every day experiences are reaaly extraordinary if you can look at them with the eyes of a child.