Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A car too far

My distant relative
On his rare visit
Cannot sit still
In our best chair
Every few seconds
He strides out
To check on his car
Fearful of its safety
In broad daylight
Even with the driver
Staying put in the vehicle
To keep imaginary
Urchins at bay
We tell him
Not to worry
It's not a no-parking zone
The street is broad enough
To let two water tankers
Pass his SUV
And still give it
A wide berth
After perfunctory enquiries
About our well-being
He goes back
To the door
To look at the wheels
I am reminded of a robber
In a heist film
Keeping an anxious eye
On the getaway vehicle
When he drives down himself
It's even worse
He hardly sits down
Walks out with the refreshment offered
You would think
He was going to share it with his transport
Gulps it down with one eye on, you know, what
Then makes a quick exit
I heard he has got a dog now
He takes with him everywhere
I dread his next visit  

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