Saturday, September 18, 2010


If you knew
How many died
Building this temple,
Went hungry
To feed its ritual fires,
How many women were enslaved
As the deity's consort,
You wouldn't want to enter it,
The king of kings
Praised to the skies
For its erection
Would lose his halo.
You would stand no more
Marvelling at the tower
Built to glorify god and emperor
No more than you would
The sky-scraping shopping malls
Paying homage to Mammon.


Balachandran V said...

But we continue to do, don't we, in spite of knowing history? Taj Mahal or temples or the great pyramids or Forum Mall - does knowing truth deter us from lying?

Prabhakar said...

The truth liberates us all. Can we look at these monuments with the same feeling after we know the truth. Empires have been built on mounds of corpses. Opulence is the other face of pauperisation. History repeats itself...