Friday, September 24, 2010

Travelling alone

When travelling alone
For the first time
I was at the railway station
An hour ahead
Sat on the platform bench
With the suitcase
Between the legs
Looking suspiciously
At everyone passing by
Or sitting beside me
Imagination running wild
With scenes of being mugged
And wallet, bag snatched
Though on second thoughts
It was obvious
That a thief worth his salt
Would feel ashamed to rob me
Go to all that trouble
For a change of clothes
And a purse
With more pictures of gods and goddesses
Than Gandhi notes.
So after ruling out
The threat of robbery
It required relentless questioning
Of passersby, officials and semi-officials
To confirm what time
The train arrived
On which platform
When it departed
What to do in case you got down midway
And the train left you
While you were filling your bottle with water
As seen so often in the movies.
I didn't know why all of them
Were smiling at my questions.
I want to try out a plane sometime soon.


Balachandran V said...

I had a good laugh!

You know, a few years ago i had these recurrent dreams: In one, i would be running up to the Railway station in great haste only to watch the LV disappearing into the darkness! In the other, I would have alighted on a platform in transit to buy something and then to my horror, I would see the train moving away, leaving me stranded! I used to wake up, sweating!

In my own dream analysis, I decided that my dreams represented my angst of having missed opportunities in life! :)

Prabhakar said...

Yes. How relieved we are after waking up and finding that we have not missed any train.