Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Films were taboo
In her house
It was sin
To even mention them,
When we discussed
During school breaks
The latest releases
In her presence
She would cover her head,
Cross herself,
Kneel down in the corridor
Tears streaming down her face
Say an instant prayer
And seek forgiveness
Of the Lord
For having heard
The bad word 'love' ---
When the rules
Were suddenly relaxed
For her to watch an educational
She couldn't stop talking
Of the 'Sound of Music'
She became like a vegetarian
Making an exception for eggs
And we ran often into her
At the cinemas
Her strict parents in tow
All converts to the movie magic.


P. Venugopal said...

so many fine characters come and go in your poems!!!

Prabhakar said...

Yes, Venu my long-term memory is working overtime now.