Sunday, February 6, 2011

Walking with the past

Like the Van Gogh scene
In 'Dreams'
I took the road
In 'Playground'*
And found myself
In my past
Where the dead leaves
Slowly burnt
With a fragrant smoke
And the mist hung sleepy-eyed
On the thorn trees
As I set out for
My first hockey match
In the distant serpent hill venue
The heart beating faster
Already hearing the referee's shrill whistle
Cracking the ball hard
From the top of the "D"
Keeping at bay
The surging rival forwards
Cutting off the dangerous passes
Clearing the ball first-time ---
As we gathered in front of the school
To say the prayer
"Our father, thou art in heaven" ---
The song brought me back
I wished I could walk along
Those tree-lined roads again
Holding her hand
Before the others were up.

*Vetrimaran's Tamil film Aadukalam (Playground)partly shot in Madurai Railway Colony)


P. Venugopal said...

beautiful! wonderful life we have had...your lines brings back the whole atmosphere, fresh, as fresh as in a dream.

Prabhakar said...

Venu, thanks, Nice to see you again.! How's the novel coming along.?