Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday suburban

It's been a long time,
I ask someone
Which direction
The train will come from,
I cannot put aside
The thought
It should be
From the left,
It doesn't matter
I tell myself
I can always get down
And get on the right train,
The silent tracks belie
The pellmell they have seen
The litter of soft drink packs
Shows how hot the day's been
I'm willing to wait
Though no classmate will greet me
As she comes down the stairs
In beautiful disarray.
Where have they all disappeared?
Will they wonder what happened to me
When they pass through here?
I see someone like her ---
Could be even her daughter ---
Walking down leisurely
With no train in sight,
Looking at the station
With yesterday's eyes
I suddenly realise
That all journeys
Are one way.

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